Getting Ready

Hello friends. It’s the end of August and I’m gearing up for a month of raw food in September. I am excited to embark on this adventure. Having dabbled in raw food over the past few years (actually my whole life when you think of just eating an apple or a salad), I’ve decided it was time to take on a new challenge. I’m used to challenging myself in the physical sense, whether it’s a running event, tennis tournament or multisport event like the half Ironman, but rarely do I push myself mentally-emotionally and that is what this challenge is about for me.

I am not one who likes the word “diet” in the sense of placing restrictions on what I eat. Most people assume or feel that my diet is pretty darn clean, and it is for the most part – but the truth is I really like baked goods, especially in the form of zucchini muffins, so going raw may actually test my cravings and that is part of what I wanted to blog about and share.

I am also interested to feel and see whatever changes may occur with my interior and exterior physical body.

I will post recipes and let you know how I am preparing for this time in the raw. My dehydrator is all set up. I have most of the ingredients I need to start soaking and sprouting. I’m having my last piece of gluten free pizza for the month and look forward to creating a “raw” pizza as a new edition to our weekend tradition.

The picture is of me sipping a raw milkshake from Cafe Gratitude made out of hemp milk. James and I attended a “raw festival” in Santa Barbara a few years back and that was about the best milkshake I’ve ever had – mint chocolate chip, made with raw cacao nibs and fresh mint. I’ll be using my cookbook from Cafe Gratitude for many of my menu editions and I highly recommend you visit one of their locations if you’re ever in the Bay Area.


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