Day 5, Feeling Alive

Labor Day, Day 5 – yes I’m really feeling alive but I have to be honest – I’m not 100%. I think my body is finally going through the “adjustment phase” and without getting too graphic let’s just say my tummy is a little funky feeling and I’m a little shaky. Major elimination – I’ll leave it at that. Actually I should have left it at feeling a little shaky, but I want to be real about my experiment and well, I’m being real. I expect this to normalize as I know it is all part of getting used to eating 100% raw. It feels a bit like I’m detoxing – even though my diet is usually pretty clean and I did enjoy a glass of organic red wine over the weekend. I am staying well hydrated with water and herbal tea and still managed to get in some great mountain bike riding over the weekend. In fact I climbed over 4000 vertical feet between Saturday and Sunday and felt strong. I had nuts and dried fruit with me just in case I needed the extra energy hit and I did. My point in sharing this is that I am able to maintain my normal exercise habits.

I got on the scale this morning and after just 4 days I’m down 2-3 pounds, which is interesting. A friend asked if I was calculating calories and I said I wasn’t just yet but with all the nuts I assumed I was getting about a gazillion calories daily (did you know gazillion isn’t really a number at all?). I feel like I’ve over-nutted or met my maximum daily nut consumption every day and that could be where my other digestive issues are stemming from – too much fat to take in.

For the first few days I decided not to take any of my vitamins. This is a big deviation from my normal routine, which consists of somewhere around 20 tablets and/or capsules daily. Yesterday I added back acidophilus and Vitamin Code’s “Raw One for Women” multi-vitamin. I may consider adding some digestive enzymes, particularly for the nuts and seeds. I didn’t want to do this since theoretically one of the benefits of eating raw is that you preserve all the natural enzymes present in the foods. I’m going to see how my body feels today and if I need extra support I may add in a little.

One of the other new things I did yesterday was drink some raw kombucha tea. Health benefits attributed to kombucha tea include stimulating the immune system, preventing cancer, and improving digestion and liver function. There is no scientific evidence to support these health claims. Stomach upset is one of the many adverse effects that have been reported as a result of drinking kombucha tea so that may be contributing to my experience.

I am noticing that one could become quite an extremist on a raw diet. It is actually a challenge to find things that are truly raw – in fact I ran across an article posted here: that makes me second guess ingredients I have been using like raw agave nectar (I am not using much of this but it has been in a few recipes), apple cider vinegar, even olive oil! Frankly that just isn’t my personality and I am doing the best I can or the best I want to do.


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