The Mono Diet

I keep thinking about a man that James and I met back in Santa Barbara at the Raw Festival 2010. He was  experimenting with a mono diet.  A mono diet is consuming one type of food only for a period of time. Some refer to this as visiting mono island. The best way to do a mono island is to choose one type of fruit or fruit juice (your favorite fruit would be best) and eat ONLY that fruit for a period of time. The man we met was an ultra-runner; a person who runs very long distances (25 miles plus). He looked like a normal, healthy person. He was experimenting with blueberries and said he felt pretty good. I was thinking to myself, there is no way I could run a marathon on blueberries alone.

I could do this (mono diet) for a few days maximum – how about you? What would be your fruit of choice? Mine would be blueberries or watermelon. I don’t plan on visiting mono island anytime soon.


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  1. I remember when you talked about this guy! If I recall, you said he looked pretty unhealthy. I feel pretty confident we need the full spectrum of phytonutrients to remain healthy. What are your thoughts? Are you eating all raw now? I’m thinking of going vegan.

    • The guy who was doing mono actually looked good but many of the vendors at the festival did not look so great – we especially noticed teeth not looking so vibrant. My feeling is that after my experimental month of raw I will consider taking one or two days a week of just raw. It is challenging for me, yet I appreciate and enjoy the challenge of it. Other than that not too fanatical about food other than organic, unprocessed and whole. In terms of going vegan, I think it is awesome for so many people. It is a philosophy I completely support, however having been a vegan for many years in my life I know it doesn’t support my biochemistry long term. I have noticed in the last few years that I do not do well with eggs, but I do like the extra protein hit I get with “consciously raised” poultry, fish, and organic cheeses – especially goat’s and sheep’s and occasionally raw cow’s milk cheeses. I am going to be looking for a raw milk source starting in October so if you (or anyone in the Denver metro area) know of a source please pass it on.

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