Day 8 Feeling Great Plus Bunny Lunch

Day 8 of the Raw fest, all is well. There have been a few days where my diet hasn’t felt as nourishing as I’d like, actually just not eating enough, but today I feel like I’m back on track after a good grocery shop this morning (another $200). I may have said this before, and this morning it was really apparent to me how much more conscious I am about what I am putting in my mouth. I feel a bit like a raw food extremist as opposed to a raw food enthusiast. Here’s what I noticed. I was really hungry when I went to the grocery store this morning. What happened is that at 7 am I had a mini-physical for life insurance purposes. I hadn’t eaten since 6 pm and I’m embarrassed to say that all I really ate yesterday afternoon were some carrot and celery sticks and a homemade “bar.” So other than water, that was it. The funny news is that the person doing the mini physical took my height and weight and somehow I’ve grown 2 inches (note: James’ height was the same). I’ve never been 5’4″ in my life – always 5’2, maybe 5’2 1/2″ on a good day. Today I am taller and down about 5 pounds (also surprising since it’s only been a week – then again, it could have been his scale, but I was wearing clothes whereas I am naked when I weigh myself). That is a long detour to tell you that rather than grabbing something starchy or tearing into the Fig Newmans, I just munched on some fresh organic raspberries during the drive home.

I am noticing how much I used to snack without realizing I am snacking. Especially during those car moments or dinner moments or preparing breakfast for kids moments where I usually grab a bite here and there, which really adds up. For the past week I haven’t eaten anything that wasn’t intentional.

Yesterday I spent about 5 hours in the car – drove down to Manitou Springs for our daughter’s volleyball game. I packed some of my dehydrated veggie “crackers,” the carrot and celery sticks that I mentioned, and a bar. The bars are great for emergency situations when I just need something. I stopped at Chipotle on the way home, with a car full of hungry teenagers, so the car had that familiar smell – you may know what I’m talking about. I’m not gonna lie, it was slightly torturing me, but I just kept sipping my water, snacking on my bar here and there. That morning I had made homemade waffles for the girls and that smell was even more tantalizing. I’m a breakfast food person, for sure. I also made bacon the day before, so again, the smells. I’m not sure why I keep doing this to myself; it must be a personal test of willpower, but so far I haven’t really been tempted, just amused.

I have been doing more reading into what’s considered raw, what isn’t and I am noticing that wow, I’ve been as I said before mostly a raw extremist. For example, recipes that call for oats or maple syrup – I haven’t done that since oats are usually steamed and maple syrup is boiled. Like one of my last posts where I shared the link to someone’s website who discusses what’s raw, what’s not, I have really sunk my feet into this thing called raw food.  Do you think I should lighten up and put some oats into my bars (obviously I’m tempted to or I wouldn’t be asking).

The picture here is what I’m calling Bunny Lunch. It wasn’t very impressive – just like the picture. I took the recipe from the Whole Foods website. It is basically:

2 shredded carrots

1/2 red bell pepper thinly sliced

1/4 cup raisins (which was way too many, recipe called for 1/2 cup)

I added some fresh avocado and thinly sliced fresh basil

(Whole foods uses fresh cilantro, but I was out)

Dressing was:

1/4 cup almond butter

1 tablespoon Nama Shoyu (I subbed Celtic salt and a little water)

1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

1 teaspoon agave nectar

pinch red pepper flakes

I shredded the carrots and added the other ingredients; mixed all the dressing ingredients together and stirred that into the carrot mixture. I just found it very clumpy and not so flavorful.


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  1. I really like your blog. I like how you include your conclusions and mistakes and incorporate more specific experiential detail into your recipes – i.e., how you actually did something as opposed to just reciting general ingredients and instructions. I am vegan and do incorporate a lot of raw foods into my diet, but I have difficulty going over 50%. I either do not have the culinary expertise (which is one reason I like your blog because you are providing a lot of useful information here) or I just like cooked food too much to let go of it. I will be intersted to see if you back off of the raw diet after a while or adopt it as a permanent lifestyle change.

    • Thanks Eric. It has been fun. I was vegan for many years, but as you can read from my posts, I am now more of a conscious omnivore – just seems to work better with my biochemistry, but in my heart I’m more vegan. I also enjoy cooked food too much to be 100% raw, but I know that after this month ends I will definitely incorporate raw at least 40-50% of the time. And I believe it is best to do days of 100% raw rather than mixing raw and cooked at the same meal. What do you think?

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