Raw Library

Admittedly, the picture looks more like brains then pasta…. but the taste is quite enjoyable. Not much different than the pasta primavera recipe listed earlier, but I added marinated mushrooms and pine nuts and the marinara has fewer sundried tomatoes, no jalapeno, and more fresh basil.

I reserved a ton of books from the library and just picked them up – 22 in total. What a great way to go. Last night I read the Raw Family book – it’s a quick read and an interesting account of one family’s journey into raw. You can read more about them at www.rawfamily.com. I’m now diving into more recipe books, and it is interesting to me to see how they differ. For example, one book has many recipes where you boil water, then pour it on, for example, asparagus, or broccoli…..isn’t that cheating? The only thing I’ve been boiling water for is tea and feel somewhat guilty about that but I’m not willing to give it up – afterall, I’ve already sacrificed coffee. Others use lots of oats and other grains (sprouted). Some foresake all of this for just fruit and vegetables. Fun reading, I tell ya.

I’m off to start some new pizza crust for tomorrow night. Time to defrost the rest of the strawberry shortcake too!


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