Home Stretch

I am grateful that I’m on the home stretch of this journey. What I noticed over the weekend was that being totally raw impacts me socially. For example, in Denver, there aren’t a lot of restaurants that are raw friendly. Do a Yelp search and basically you’ll get Sushi restaurants. I had plans to go out with a friend for dinner Friday night and I thought I could just find a salad anywhere, but admittedly, that’s a little boring. So I thought, how about papaya salad from my favorite Thai place. I called ahead and they said I could get it without the dried shrimp and I thought great, I’m all set. I ordered it and decided to get a regular side house salad as well.  I asked what kind of dressing they used and they said peanut sauce so I asked if they had a vinaigrette. Some kind of lime dressing, so I asked for that on the side. Just smelling the dressing I knew it had fish sauce in it, so then I was stuck with a hunk of iceberg, a piece of raw cauliflower and broccoli (about the only pluses to that salad) and a few tomato wedges (two more pluses). My papaya salad came and I forgot about the peanuts on top – most likely roasted. It probably had the same dressing as the lime dressing I just smelled for the side salad. What to do – I ate it. This made me realize how limited the choices are when it comes to being raw and going for a raw vegan diet on top of that. Frankly, it just isn’t enjoyable for me right now, although I absolutely love it when a few of the more conscious restaurants offer raw dinner nights. I try to go to those as much as possible. Hopefully it is catching on; after all, most decent restaurants now have a gluten free menu or at least make a concerted effort to  note which items are gluten free or can be prepared gluten free.

The next night I was going to a birthday party, tapas style. I wanted to make a few things so I would be sure to be able to partake, but just for grins I thought I’d make cupcakes. WHAT A MISTAKE. First of all, I found a gorgeous, rich recipe on another blog. My daughter and I decided to make them sort of Reeces peanut butter themed, and we used Fluff plus peanut butter (Fluffernutter) for our filling. The first problem was that all the cupcakes sank in the middle (this is a major pet peeve of mine). Next, even though they were in parchment baking cups, they all stuck in the pans (that I had pregreased prior to baking). Next I made frosting with melted organic dark chocolate, more fluff, more butter and a little powdered sugar and as I was piping it on top of the cupcakes, the bag literally blew out. I had so much frosting, fluff, chocolate, butter all over my hands, me, the counters – and not once did I even lick my fingers! It was a disaster on every level (although I hear the kids at the party liked them). I vowed never again to make cupcakes. I normally love baking and am a pretty decent muffin maker, but I am through with cupcakes!!

What I made for myself and others for the tapas was stuffed endive (pictured above), jicama salad, and what we call poppers, which are roasted baby peppers stuffed with chevre (not raw). Why I was set on being an overachiever, I have no idea. I will post the recipes for the stuffed endive and jicama salad in another post. I will not share the link for the cupcakes because I think the person has a lovely blog and it may just be that altitude was working against me (I followed the recipe to a T).

Any suggestions for “breaking” my raw food experiment, or tapering as I like to call it, are welcome. Would black bean soup be too brutal? What about Himilayan food (veggies in a Jal Freghi curry sauce)?

I’m looking forward to receiving a massage this afternoon – it’s been quite a while for me. I’m still down about 7 pounds today. Would be great to have dropped 10, but I’m not in a rush. I know I’ll get there, especially with my new perspective on mindful eating.

On a completely different note, we adopted a cat yesterday from a mobile humane society van. She is a domestic long hair, but totally shaved on her body since I believe she was too matted when they got her. She hasn’t peed or pooped since we got her so now I”m concerned about that. Her name is Lucy. 


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