What I’ve Learned and To Be Continued

What a fun finale – I say that because fortunately/unfortunately ttonight we will be out and about and I am thinking of having some cooked veggies for the first time – I will have officially culminated my month of raw and I feel great. I didn’t cheat at all, in the sense that I never ate something I knew wasn’t raw or had a craving so I went for it – no I was good, very good. I honestly  haven’t stayed so committed to something in a very long time (other than my family, of course) so knowing that I have that is quite empowering.

Still I have today which will be full of leftover lasagna, my favorite smoothie with kale, almond milk, strawberries and fresh organic raspberries that I picked up today plus my raw rice protein.

And though I am ready to slowly merge back into my omnivore lifestyle, I know for sure a few things:

#1 I am done with red meat for sure. Not that I ate it very often – maybe once a year, maybe

#2 I will maintain a raw vegan diet at least half of my week

#3 I will continue to practice Meatless Mondays

#4 Going raw for a month isn’t that big of a deal and next time I will be really prepared in the sense of not overpreparing (remember my exorbitant grocery bills at the beginning)!

#5 A raw, vegan lifestyle is the most earth friendly diet going

I look forward to continuing to blog about my crazy fun dietary adventures. Since I do love baking I am on to master the scone – at least three ways: gluten free, vegan, and full on wheat and fat.


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  1. Congratulations!! I myself am a vegetarian (mostly vegan except for feta and/or parmesan cheese on certain dishes every once in a while) and have tried to go all raw at times and found it very difficult. I enjoyed and appreciated your blog and the experiences you shared about your efforts and challenges. I look forward to future posts and experiments you may try. Thanks!

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