Hi,  Dr. Debra Rouse here. I am a naturopathic doctor, writer, and entrepreneur, but truly my most important and passionate title is mother. I’ve been married to the same man, Dr. James, also a naturopathic doctor, for over 18 years and we have two amazing daughters, Dakota and Elli. James and I are what we refer to as serial entrepreneurs. We are always dreaming and scheming and this has been how I’ve operated my whole life. I love learning and I love creating. I’m a hands on kind of person and as such I’ve enjoyed everything from minor surgery and delivering babies to gardening and cooking with reckless abandon. I love to knit and sew, though I am not very gifted at either, and I love to play tennis, cycle, run, hike and do yoga. I believe service is my highest calling and it is my honor to support an organization that is doing amazing work in the world – Made By Survivors. The mission of Made By Survivors is to end slavery and human trafficking through economic empowerment and education. To learn more please visit their website at www.MadeBySurvivors.com. Tell them I sent you.

I decided to start this blog just for the fun of it. I like to write and I felt that blogging about going raw for a month would hold me accountable to someone or something. Thanks for joining me on the journey.


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  1. You’re an inspiration!! Thanks for being you, and I can’t wait to try out some of your recipes…or at least go across the street for my next raw meal ASAP – Amy

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